My promise to you.


The reason mainstream media has failed isn’t a mystery.

There has been a slow, repeated and unacknowledged series of disappointments that have led us to now… Once serious news sources are now indistinguishable from ‘tabloid journalist’ who cover topics like Bigfoot, U.F.O.s and Elvis sightings. Reporting on the personal lives of celebrities and sports stars that are of no concern to anyone but them. It isn’t news, its entertainment and it shouldn’t be. They sacrificed their integrity for likes and the shares…

I hope to return to what’s important and recover journalism as a profession worthy of honour. The death of gossip and voyeurism. The birth of truth, logic, and reality. To successfully inform and educate to the best of my ability. To give the best possible version of the argument; defined by the source and by the number of relevant facts it contains. Not the most outrageous nor colourful version. I won’t hype up scares or manufacture controversy. I’ll give a factual account of our strengths, the dangers we actually face and if we’re prepared to meet them. I will try to expose the truth about things that are of importance.

I’ll post and present news that informs a debate worthy of intelligent people based on the simple inevitability that nothing is more paramount than a well-informed population. I’ll be the defender of facts and the nemesis of insinuation, rumour, hyperbole, and stupidity. I’m not in the business of offering you stories in a way to support your own personal worldview. I’ll call a lie a lie. I will treat this as a courtroom acting as attorney for all sides when possible. I won’t pretend that certain facts are arguable to give the appearance of fairness. Balance is irrelevant, there aren’t two sides to every story. Some have several, some only one.

I’m a human, not a machine capable of dispensing only the facts. Thus, I’ll make no effort to subdue my personal opinions, but I will address them. I will make every effort to expose you to informed opinions that differ from that of my own and to present the best possible versions of competing arguments.

Using this guideline of exceptional common-sense, I hope to gain your trust in this endeavour, because without credibility it doesn’t matter what else I have.

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